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Ikuro Abe
University of Tokyo (Japan)

Ikuro Abe is currently a professor
at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
The University of Tokyo (2009-). His research interests
mostly focus on exploring and engineering the
natural products biosynthesis. His awards include the
Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy Award (2017),
the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award (2019),
and Prizes for Science and Technology by the MEXT Japan (2019).
He served as the President of
Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy (2018).





Asaph Aharoni 

Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)

Asaph Aharoni’s research interests center on uncovering the
molecular mechanisms underlying the production of
plant specialized/secondary metabolites and the role of these
molecules in plant interactions with other organisms.
His lab combines cutting-edge metabolomics with molecular genetics,
biochemistry and computational biology
to study specialized metabolism in plant development and stress.
Moreover, the Aharoni team engages routinely with
complex metabolic engineering projects and generating
innovative applications of plant natural products.



Giovanni Appendino 
University of Eastern Piedmont (Italy) 

His research activity has focused on the isolation,
chemical modification,and total synthesis
of bioactive isoprenoids and meroterpenoids
of plant origin, with special emphasis on taxoids,
phorboids and cannabinoids.



Jeroen Dickschat
University of Bonn (Germany)

Jeroen S. Dickschat is a natural product chemist with
a strong interest in the biosynthesis of natural products.
A main focus of his work lies on the mechanisms of
enzymes involved in natural product biosynthesis,
especially on the mechanisms of terpene synthases.
His group also investigates the bacterial
marine sulfur metabolism and microbial volatiles



Paola Dugo
University of Messina (Italy)

Dr. Paola Dugo is a full Professor of Food Chemistry
and vice-rector for Research at the University of Messina (Italy).
Her research focuses on innovative chromatographic
techniques and multidimensional techniques in
combination with mass spectrometry for the study of
complex natural matrices and food products.
She served as Coordinator of the Italia Group of
Food Chemistry of the Italian Chemistry Society
(2019-2021) and is now part of the board.



De-an Guo
Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (China) 

We take the traditional Chinese herbal medicines and
animal-derived drugs as the target to decode the
chemical mistery of these traditional medicines by
developing the-state-of-art hyphenetaed approaches
with the aim at facilitating the deep understanding
of their chemical coposition and standard elaboration.



 Luca Senaldi
Indena SpA (Italy)

Luca Senaldi works as Semisynthetic Research Lab manager at Indena,
a company specialized in the preparation of pharmaceutical
and food ingredients. His research focuses on the design and
development of processes for the industrial preparation of
active pharmaceutical ingredients, especially active compounds
derived from plants and microbial sources


 Snyder prof

Scott Snyder 
University of Chicago (USA)

 Prof. Snyder and his group are known as leading experts
in the laboratory synthesis of natural products. To date,
they have gained access to more than 100 such materials, 
with a particular emphasis on halogenated natural products,
polyphenols, alkaloids, and non-functionalized terpenes.
Of note, his group has eveloped several tools to facilitate
the construction of new bonds as well as unique strategies,
particularly around quaternary center formation, to treamline synthetic design.



Ren  Xiang Tan

University of Nanjing (China)

Prof. Ren Xiang Tan is working as the director of
State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at
Nanjing University on the discovery, biosynthesis and
regeneration of bioactive metabolites from
plants and symbionts.